Friday, April 13, 2012

You're not alone

in my opinion, we as a social people, 
we need each other to live. 
so, do not feel that you are alone in this world. 
and then, you must be your self and give other feedback too.
 because, they need to appreciate about their interact with you. 
what do you think about this photo? 

in fact, we don't live alone, 
many people around you who cared and gave attention. 
sometimes we are not aware of it.

  "Do not be a chair in the photograph, 
in the quiet solitude under a dry tree."

 from now,
 see around us,

don't be blind anymore,

it's time to open his eyes. 
and realize the people who love and care for us. 

make your life more colorful

*all photos : Flickr

Regards Nita Aprilianti


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