Friday, January 27, 2012

Wunder der Welt "Borobudur"

Hi guys! how about your holiday?
This is my holiday. 

Regards Nita Aprilianti

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiramisu & Chocolate Mousse..

Made Tiramisu & Chocolate Mousse with AS, F, AN. 

Tiramisu. it is made of lady fingers (italian : Savoiardi) dipped in coffe, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone and flavoured with liquor and cocoa.

You know guys??
first, the sponge cake failed. it happened because we forgot to include baking powder. so, the sponge cake didn't expand. but it looked like brownies cake. 
second, the cream ( Anchor & mascarpone ) clotted. but it could be overcome. :)

Chocolate Mousse. it is made of whippy cream, egg yolks, egg white, gelatine, Icing sugar. it looked like ice cream. yummy.. 

and Taraaaaa.. Finished. 

Regards Nita Aprilianti

Monday, January 23, 2012

FULL day

Xoxo :)
We went together. COLOURFULL!

took a picture
rode the bicycle
"Pasar Kaget"

bought the fish
Togetherness is something cannot be purchased. when it comes together, we can feels warmth that is interwined one another, laugh, joke, etc.
no matter with your friends or your familly, togetherness is important.

Thanks for the holidays sistaaa.. :)
hope we will do it continously

Regards Nita Aprilianti

Photoshoot ^^

Xoxo.. :)
this is my Photoshoot. I tried to take the picture of my sister's goods. 
I took this photos with some effect :)

thanks yaa. cc: Fatimah Dewi Komalasari

Regards Nita A prilianti

Thursday, January 19, 2012



Perception used to organize and iterpret their sensory impression to give meaning to their environment. but sometimes what is perceived is different from objective reality. 

and now, why is perception important?? 
because the human based on their perception about what is reality, not on reality itself. 
may be, all of you ever made a perception about something and sometimes the perception was different each other. is it right? 

example : girl and boy walk together, one think, they in relationship. but another people think they only friend. 

when an object is perceived differently by a group of people, then it could just be a misunderstanding.
is it right??

Regards Nita Aprilianti

Hulaaaa.. HMTI's Trip

finally, big upgrading. 
HMTI went to pangandaran. 
I though, for all of you didn't join the big upgrading, you might regret. because you could get that other people couldn't. :)
HMTI, if you have known them, you didn't want to leave because with them you could find anything.
sadness, happiness, challenged, friends, problems, knowledge, etc. 
it was not only words. but it was the fact.
I've heard the confession from my friends that HMTI is the best. 

hmm.. I will tell you a little. 

Regards Nita Aprilianti

Friday, January 6, 2012


Which one do you like?? 

taken from

taken from
Regards Nita Aprilianti

hulaaa.. white Lamb.

searched randomly. I found it. :) 


Regards Nita Aprilianti

Thursday, January 5, 2012

R.A.I.N.B.O.W in a Waterfall

Yaaaay! Rainbow. can you see?? so beautiful. :)

Friends, Thank you for everything. you could me laugh, angry, take a moment, etc.
Hope we will never end. :)

Regards Nita Aprilianti

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yip Yip.. Gowes Gowes!

Morniiing.. :) 
new spirit for new year.. 
I spent my time with Goweser Kampus Telkom.. 
we went to KopiKamu to joined the event. 
It was new experience for me. hhe

First Destination
Cafe KopiKamu
You can try this Cafe for Hangout with you friends, girl or boy friends, or your familly.. 

Freestyle games

GK Telkom

the winners of mummy games

Second Destination
unique bottle @Black Romantics Cafe

Ayam Taliwang Yummy

Green Light
there are so many menu that you can try. #recomended ^^

Third Destinantion


R & I saw the fireworks
Yuhuuu, fireworks. so beautiful. glowing the sky. :)

Fourth Destinantion

They Rode quickly, I was the last person and lost track with them.
and taraaaaaa, I found them at Susu Murni Buah Batu. :D

honestly, I'm not a type who likes to celebrate new year, because the principle that I had.. :) 
but last night, I Joined with GK Telkom, rode the bike. I though that It was positive activitiy. so no problem.. 
From this activity, I had a new experience, new friends, etc.. 

yeaaah! for you guys, don't try riding the bike if it is not your habitual activity. 
My opinion, so tired and could make your leg crapms. 
xoxo :)

Regards Nita Aprilianti
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