Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yip Yip.. Gowes Gowes!

Morniiing.. :) 
new spirit for new year.. 
I spent my time with Goweser Kampus Telkom.. 
we went to KopiKamu to joined the event. 
It was new experience for me. hhe

First Destination
Cafe KopiKamu
You can try this Cafe for Hangout with you friends, girl or boy friends, or your familly.. 

Freestyle games

GK Telkom

the winners of mummy games

Second Destination
unique bottle @Black Romantics Cafe

Ayam Taliwang Yummy

Green Light
there are so many menu that you can try. #recomended ^^

Third Destinantion


R & I saw the fireworks
Yuhuuu, fireworks. so beautiful. glowing the sky. :)

Fourth Destinantion

They Rode quickly, I was the last person and lost track with them.
and taraaaaaa, I found them at Susu Murni Buah Batu. :D

honestly, I'm not a type who likes to celebrate new year, because the principle that I had.. :) 
but last night, I Joined with GK Telkom, rode the bike. I though that It was positive activitiy. so no problem.. 
From this activity, I had a new experience, new friends, etc.. 

yeaaah! for you guys, don't try riding the bike if it is not your habitual activity. 
My opinion, so tired and could make your leg crapms. 
xoxo :)

Regards Nita Aprilianti


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