Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rei Rei

Juny 23, 2011

That evening, S came to my house
I shocked because she said that she didn't go to cirebon but finally she went.
CONGRATULATION S!! you successed make me shock. 
and taraaaaaaa... she gave a gift. :)
thank you very much S..
I opened the gift & horeeeeeeyyyyy..


you know me so well S.
we hanged out. we had dinner & talked together.. :)
I should give her a gift but she gave me. I'm sorry S, 
but you broke my plan. do you remember?? hhaaa.. 
I was so happy. Thank you.. thank you S.. 

hmm.. S, I gave name for your gift. the name is Rei rei. how?? 
Rei rei. why?? because It was look a girl sheep.. :)

Regards Nita Aprilianti


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