Saturday, June 9, 2012



let's talking about germany, I like germany. I don't know why. 
but I think germany is a beautiful country that I must visit.
for first time, I like germany because I read indah nada puspita's blog
Thanks for inspiring me. 
I just wanna visit germany. 

Federal Republic of Germany is a federated state in Western Europe.
 With an area of ​​357 021 square kilometers and a population of about 82 million people, 
a country with 16 states is a key member of the European Union organization. 

Flag of Germany
I dreamed that I can go there, I go there for study. 
and I  can study the culture of Germany. 

Poarta Brandenburg
This is Poarta Brabdenburg, it is about The Berlin Wall was a concrete wall built by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) which separates West Berlin and East Berlin and other East German regions, making West Berlin an enclave.

Danke! :)


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