Monday, March 26, 2012

Geburtstag Mitaaaaa

Mita, a girl who is almost 3 years be my friend. she likes singing everywhere and expressive. haha. and those around her, smiling with her behaviour that sometimes ridiculous. 
 I think it's good. could bring a better atmosphere. 
many of her habits such as sleeping in class, sleeping after a full, singing, etc.
but we (as a friend), she is kind people. 

 expression of Mita

and Taraaaaaa.. 
Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday To Mitaaaa..
wish that everything that you want, God will give it

Keep be your self, 
keep be our friends,
keep smiling.. 
 xoxo :)

nb : don't forget your promise to us :)

Regards Nita Aprilianti


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